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Born with a sense of design, it has always been my passion to decorate, put together, mix fabrics - anything to make my environment pretty.  Never would I think my passion for design would turn into designing hair accessories.  Hair accessories that make each girl feel pretty.  After giving birth to three little girls whom embraced their feminity at an early start, decorating hair became a must in our house.  The baskets in the closet were overflowing with hair ornaments and daddy was already experiencing how much space girls need, big or small.  Every outfit, my girls wanted a different color flower.  At times, they wanted to match, at times they didn't and at times they wanted to switch or trade.  


Inspired by my daughter's hair accessory dilema, Tootie Tot Designs was created. We understand that being a girl is somtimes hard.  Just ask my 3, 5 and 7 year old.  However, we believe with Tootie Tots, it just got a little easier.  Now girls of all ages can match any outfit, switch and trade with ease.  Each flower and accessory is equipped with a 2 inch velcro strip, allowing you to interchange your look as many times as you'd like.  


God works in mysterious ways and I believe He is allowing me to share my gift of design with you!  Because at Tootie Tot Designs, you are the designer.  Now you can decorate, put together and mix designs to make yourself feel pretty.  


Happy Shopping!

The Tootie Tot Gang